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Tips on Locating the Owner of Jewelry

Finding jewelry is a goal of many metal detectorists. It’s a bit of a rush when you realize you have found something while out and jewelry is not an exception. Read More
By Jessica Murphy
Fri, Feb 23, 2018 12:19pm

Treasure Find Laws Around the World

I have the honor to read and upload the treasure find stories as they come in. Many times there are some great conversations that come from emailing the writer to let him or her know that their story is up on the site in our treasure finds section. Read More
By Jessica Murphy
Fri, Feb 23, 2018 12:37pm

Ways to Identify Metal Detecting Finds

Sometimes you can tell what you have found as soon as you dig it up. Other times, it's not so obvious. That's when you have to start a different type of hunt - identifying your treasure. There are many ways to figure out what you have. Read More
By Jessica Murphy
Fri, Feb 9, 2018 12:27pm

Introducing the NEW Makro Kruzer Underwater Metal Detector

The All New Underwater Makro Kruzer Metal Detector lineup has launched for Pre-Order! Perfect for any Treasure Hunter, this new detector series will bring hunted out sites back to life in all terrains (including the salt water beach)! Read More
By Kellyco
Tue, Jan 30, 2018 12:10pm

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